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Since joining kids’ philharmonic@sg, we’ve seen tremendous improvement in our child’s violin skills. Kids’ philharmonic@sg have given him many opportunities to perform in an orchestra, and to learn how to play with other musicians as a group. He has made many friends along the way too, which helps overcome the loneliness of solo practice. The orchestra is a great and fun way to learn music!
-- Andy & Yee Jiun

My children have been playing violin in kids’ philharmonic@sg for nearly 3 years. It has been a very thriving journey. Not only have they made progress on violin skill, the orchestra setting provides a nurturing platform. Our younger musicians are able to practice and perform with award-winning professionals at Singapore’s best known facilities. Individual violin lessons may seem boring to some younger-aged children. Practicing in an orchestra allows kids to explore further in the world of music, listening to other instruments, enjoying the harmony different instruments created. It is rewarding and fun to learn music in kids’ philharmonic@sg.
-- Eleanor

We are certain, that, part of what Ren Cher is today as an outstanding individual in many aspects is attributed to his years at kids’ philharmonic@sg and his blood is now infusioned with music. We are now witnessing significant transformations in Min Cher too now that he took a violin seat in the orchestra, and for those who saw us from day one on this orchestral journey, they will not forget him as the little toddler who had endured every long Sunday practice on the back bench to support his brother and the older teammates.
-- Cheng Cheng


For the second half ... the stage was filled by the large (and surprisingly mature) kids’ philharmonic.
In music by Mozart and Haydn, the Singapore instrumentalists seemed almost more instinctively Viennese than the Viennese boys. ....The undoubted highlight of the entire evening was ... supported by delectably discreet orchestral playing.
-- The Straits Times, 15 October 2016

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