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“Making Music, Forging Friendships”

An orchestra committed to nurturing Singaporean children and youth, supporting their development as dedicated musicians, appreciative audiences and responsible young adults who will advocate for the arts in Singapore.


To make orchestral music accessible and affordable for all Singaporean music students; To provide opportunities for Singapore’s young musicians to develop their musical abilities and showcase talents.


Sincerity, Discipline, Confidence, Teamwork

Through the sincerity of music-making, the orchestra instills discipline and teamwork into all of its members, and inspires them with the confidence to excel in life.


kids’ philharmonic@sg Orchestra is Singapore’s first and only orchestra for young musicians between age 6 to 17. Established in 2012 by Lee Hoon Piek, the orchestra presents a unique approach to learning music. Under the guidance of Music Director Luo Wei and Concertmaster Zhang Chi, with a team of professional and dedicated instructors and 140 young musicians playing across three orchestras with different playing levels.

The orchestra stands by its pedagogical methods, allowing all members an opportunity to perform to their best. Through rehearsals, young musicians develop high levels of discipline and teamwork, important life skills.

Under the support of the National Arts Council Seed Grant, the orchestra has grown significantly. The orchestra has trained a number of talents who went on to institutions or semi-professional orchestras and worked with various institutions such as Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, School Of The Arts, Singapore National Youth Orchestra. In the past few years, the orchestra has collaborated with esteemed musicians such as Wang Yahui, Vienna Boys’ Choir, Zuo Jun, Jocelyn Tang, Kam Ning, Wong Kah Chun and won multiple gold awards.


The kids’ philharmonic@sg Orchestra (KPO) is organized into three ensembles, tailored to the skill levels of members. Each member is provided with suitable support to develop his/her ensemble and orchestral playing skills.

Seed Orchestra

For budding musicians between ages of 4 – 7. In the Seed Orchestra, they can develop their aptitude in music and creative learning through exploration. They must have at least attained/able to demonstrate a proficiency level of ABRSM/Trinity Grade 1 Practical in their principal instrument.

Junior Orchestra


Catered to musicians who will benefit from acquiring the necessary ensemble and musical skills. They must have minimally attained/are able to demonstrate a proficiency level of ABRSM/Trinity Grade 3 Practical in their principal instrument.

Senior Orchestra


For musicians who are performance-ready and have minimally attained/able to demonstrate a proficiency level of ABRSM/Trinity Grade 6 Practical in their principal instrument.




                         Committee of the Asia-Pacific Youth Symphony Orchestra Festival



Venue Sponsors:



                            Cairnhill Community Club







Resident Arts group of Our Tampines Hub

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