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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can my child join the orchestra?

Submit a registration form found here. Your child must submit an audition video during enquiry for us to determine which orchestra (seed, junior or senior) your child may be suited for.

2. Is it necessary for my child to be of a certain grade before he/she can join?

For Seed Orchestra - our youngest orchestra, some background knowledge is required.

For Junior Orchestra and Senior Orchestra, there is a recommended minimum grade of Grade 3 and Grade 6 respectively. However, these are the standard guidelines. The final decision regarding the orchestra your child will be joining will be determined by an audition process.

3. Is there a membership fee?

Yes, there are membership fees that are to be paid on a biannual basis in January and July. There are three orchestras currently running in KidsPhilharmonic.

Senior Orchestra: Biannual payment of $600 for membership from 2019 onwards.

Chamber Orchestra: Fees are similar to that of Senior Orchestra. 

Junior Orchestra: Fees are similar to that of Senior Orchestra. 

Seed Orchestra: Fees are similar to that of Senior Orchestra. 

Membership fees include instructor fees for rehearsals and covers the cost of scores, but do not include instructor fees for individual lessons, instrument costs and/or instrument maintenance costs. Fees will be pro-rated to reflect the number of months joined before the next payment is due.

4. How often will my child get to perform when he/she is with the orchestra?

Kids’ philharmonic@sg has 2 major concerts each year – in June and November. These concerts are held at venues such as Esplanade, Victoria Concert Hall and SOTA Concert Hall. In addition, student concerts are held every 3 months and provides a platform for individual students to perform. Kids’ philharmonic@sg also regularly performs at community events, bringing their music to the community.

5. My child plays the piano. Can she still join the orchestra?

No, Kids’ philharmonic@sg does not have a pianist position open. However, your child is welcome to join as a percussionist.

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