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Luo Wei (罗威)


Luo Wei came to Singapore in 2004 to pursue his degree in music. Wei studied for 6 years under Professor Qian Zhou, Head of the Strings Department at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music and graduated with a Bachelor of Music and Graduate Diploma in Violin Performance. In 2016-2018 he graduated as master student under prof Jason Lai.


Upon his graduation, Luo Wei started working as a violin instructor at MusArt Edu Hut, a private music school in Singapore. "I am very grateful for the support given by the Conservatory and the Singapore government for my studies and I wish to give back to the community by doing as much as I could in promoting arts development" said Wei when asked why he chose to start his music career in Singapore. Wei is currently the Vice-President and Music Director of Kids Philharmonic@SG -an orchestra for kids ranging from 6-16 years old. Commenting on his work at Kids Philharmonic, Wei noted that "Children in Singapore are very talented but often there is not enough time set aside for practice or there are not many guidance and performance opportunities. We wish to provide this platform for these young talents to not only play together in a professional orchestra setting, but also to play professional orchestral repertoire".


In 2014-2017, Wei was also teaching at the Conservatory as an assistant tutor to Qian Zhou's studio, as well as conducting his own private one-to-one teaching. Besides his work as a music educator, Wei also helps Mr. Rin with his rare collections of violins. Wei is now in charge of The Rincollection

Luo Wei is vastly experienced in performing, having participated in many performances around the world. Amongst the more notable ones are as follows. From 2001 to 2004, he participated in the Shanghai Spring Festival as Principal Second Violin of the Shanghai Youth Orchestra. In 2002, he participated in a concert in the United States as a representative of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. From 2004 to 2010, Luo Wei participated in a series of violin concerts every semester, held by Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, as well as masterclasses at the Esplanade held by Ning Feng, Cho Liang Lin, Ding Zhi Nuo and David Takeno. Luo Wei was awarded the special prize of National University of Singapore in 2005, as well as the third prize of Singapore’s National Piano and Violin Competition in the same year.

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