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Dong Ying (董颖)

Dong Ying.jpg

Dong Ying is a member of the China Radio Chinese Orchestra as a piano and sheng player. She started learning the piano at the age of 5, before pursuing further studies in piano and sheng education at Xi’an Conservatory of Music and later received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree at Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing.

As a respected sheng musician, Dong Ying is the Executive Director of the Sheng Association under China Chinese Traditional Music Association, a member of Chinese Musicians’ Association.

Dong Ying has played with musicians from esteemed orchestras such as Singapore Symphony Orchestra, China Radio Chinese Orchestra, and Central Conservatory of Music.

As an educator, Dong Ying has taught piano, music theory and ear training (aural) for many years. Numerous students of hers have passed the auditions to enter the Central Conservatory of Music. With a focus on beginners for many years, she is known for successfully building piano fundamentals in her students, leading to her being recognised as Outstanding Teacher by the Melbourne International Music Competition 2016.

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