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KPO Chamber Ensemble Requirements


The Chamber Ensemble is a platform for Junior Orchestra members to be inducted to the Senior Orchestra. Members in Chamber Ensemble will be training to achieve higher levels of musicianship and ensemble skills. The classical repertoires set by the conductor are of a higher difficulty level than scores in Junior Orchestra.



Students must achieve 80% attendance every quarter, each quarter is equivalent to three months of rehearsals. If attendance falls below 80% for any quarter, the student will receive a warning from the orchestra. If there is no improvement in attendance for the following quarters, the student will continue training back at the Junior Orchestra. The student will have to audition again in order to return to KPO Chamber Ensemble.


Preparation of music


Students must practice their own parts, to show their good performance during the rehearsals. Rehearsal sessions are meant for students to combine their parts with other sections, under the assistance of a conductor, which helps them develop ensemble skills. It is every musician's responsibility to get their own parts ready.




Students are expected to behave in a non-disruptive manner. Any students who are consistently disrupting the rehearsal flow will be recommended to continue training with the Junior Orchestra until maturity in musicianship attitude is shown.


Promotion to Senior Orchestra by Audition


Students will be eligible for an audition to Senior Orchestra if they meet the requirements above. A higher recommendation of promotion will be given to students who greatly improve in the musicianship and technical ability within the quarter. The audition dates are the same as the above.

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